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Samuel Hahnemann

Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation
Ootmarsumsestraat 61a
7607 AZ Almelo (The Netherlands)
T: (0031) (0)546 824 847
E-mail: info@classicalhomeopathy.eu


 About homeopathy



The word homoeopathy is a contraction of two Greek words: homoios (similar) and pothos (suffer). This refers to the therapy form. The therapy uses healing impulses that would result in the same clinical pictures for both healthy and sick people. It is a denomination that has been used by Hahnemann and that is still in use, also in traditional medical science.


If you are interested in seminars, courses or tutoring based on the philosophical points of view made below, please email us.

Ewald Stöteler will be leading these seminars, courses or tutoring with thoroughness and expediency, based on his 25 years of practicing homeopathy according to the basic assumptions cited below.


Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation, by Ewald Stöteler

Ootmarsumsestraat 61a
7607 AZ Almelo (The Netherlands)
T: 0031 546 824 847
E: info@classicalhomeopathy.eu

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Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation (by Ewald Stöteler)
Ootmarsumsestraat 61a | 7607 AZ Almelo |  The Netherlands  |  T: 0031 546 - 824 847