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Samuel Hahnemann

The Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation aims to develop and promote homoeopathic medicine, according to the guidelines of Samuel Hahnemann, as written in the sixth edition of his Organon of medicine and in Chronic diseases. Homoeopathy has developed in stages during Hahnemann’s life. Some elements that are of great importance for the practical application of his medicine, therefore remained underexposed or fell into oblivion.

The differences between the ‘early’ and later homoeopathy in Hahnemann’s life became obvious in for example the miasma theory and in relation to that, the use of homoeopathic medicine potential. Elaborate studies showed that a lot of what Hahnemann wrote in hos standard works, is not being used in everyday homoeopathic practice. To make sure that Hahnemann’s impulses are being exposed in the homoeopathic field, the Hahnemann Homoeopathic Foundation was founded.
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Individual Treatment
An important principle is that every human being has a unique case history, both in development as in (allopathic) treatment. As equally important is that every human being is born with his own tendency to diseases. Every human being can also respond differently in his effort to recover. The response can be violent and exuberant, but also fast and destructive, and sometimes there are hardly any symptoms that occur. In many cases the patient asks for help during an acute stage of the disease, but in other cases the patient has no acute symptoms, only a chronic feeling of discomfort. All these aspects require a unique treatment for every patient.

The homoeopathic therapy uses a holistic vision on human. This vision considers every human being as an indissoluble unity of body and soul. The directions for the treatment, the homoeopath is going to use, are based on physical, emotional and mental symptoms. This combined action can be considered the unique reflection of the sick human being.
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 Symposium: Banerji Protocols

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The effect of the Banerji protocols:
homeopathy against cancer and other chronic diseases’.

An unique international symposium with live consultations from Prasanta and Pratip Banerji.

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The word homoeopathy is a contraction of two Greek words: homoios (similar) and pothos (suffer). This refers to the therapy form. The therapy uses healing impulses that would result in the same clinical pictures for both healthy and sick people. It is a denomination that has been used by Hahnemann and that is still in use, also in traditional medical science.

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PowerPoint Presentation regarding the Disease Classification. A step-by-step explanation is provided about the way in which symptoms can be interpreted. By way of image and sound, the disease classification is explained in an effective way, providing a clear picture prior to your lecture. The presentation lasts for approximately 25 minutes and is presented in an understandable form.


If you are interested in seminars, courses or tutoring based on the philosophical points of view made below, please email us.

Ewald Stöteler will be leading these seminars, courses or tutoring with thoroughness and expediency, based on his 25 years of practicing homeopathy according to the basic assumptions cited below.


Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation, by Ewald Stöteler

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Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation (by Ewald Stöteler)
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